VCC Excellence from Dika:

Unlike other vcc sellers, its expired just 3 or 4 months and after 3 or 4 months have to buy again. (If your vcc expired, it’s means that there are some that do not feature in paypal you can use, then your paypal also so prone to the taxable limit)

– Ori Of Visa Mastercard Server

By using this visa vcc ori from the assurance that your paypal certainly more rarely hit the limit. Vcc from Dika Credit card resembles the original 90%. Paypal rarely do verify the account limit credit card account with the original. Logic only, where there is genuine expired credit cards it 3 months?

– Can be Used In All Countries Without Exclusion

Once again, our vcc can be used in all countries paypal account, Whether it’s Indonesia, America, Europe, Hongkong, etc.. Without exception! (Because there is VCC that can not be used in the Americas, Europe, etc.)

– We can provide Credit Card Statement / Credit Card Bill from your VCC

(Assuming the taxable limit your paypal and paypal ask for proof of the documents, please requested to me) VCC Where else can ?
If there is a cheap and full of expensive why should you look for other ?

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